An Invitation to Join: Poems From The Heart: 

A Collaborative Poetry Book & Author Incubator Program

Calling all poets, writers, lovers, old souls, wordsmiths, and alchemists! Starseeds and gypsies, you’re invited to join our next collaborative book and become a ‘best selling poet.’ Radhaa Publishing House offers poets worldwide an exciting opportunity to be a part of their next Author Incubator and collaborative poetry book, set to be released in the spring of 2024.

Do you have poems that speak to the human experience in all its complexities? Poems are a raw expression of your innermost thoughts and feelings, delving into love, loss, joy, and pain. Then this opportunity is for you! You can dedicate your poems to loved ones, someone that passed, or someone you have loved or are in love with. The heart has a mind of its own, and it’s time to create and share your poems starting in our Author Incubator, which starts in October of 2023. Our Author Incubators are a sacred place where we gather for support, training, and activating your inner genius to its full expression through writing practices and lessons to empower you as a writer and poet. If you’re an expert in poetry, you’ll also enjoy this sacred space, and we welcome you to share your wisdom with newer poets. The classes are structured bi-weekly to keep the momentum flowing.

“Poems from the Heart” is a collection of deeply personal and emotionally rich poems that offer a window into the author’s Soul. From the tender and intimate to the bold and powerful, these poems invite the reader on a journey of self-discovery and emotional resonance. We invite all styles of poetry, from lyrical to evocative style; the essence of this collection captures what it means to be human and explores the complexities of the human experience. Poets who participate in this opportunity will have the chance to have their work included in a curated poetry collection alongside other talented writers from around the World. Early bird pricing is available until August 23rd, 2023, and payment plans are available to make the opportunity accessible to as many poets as possible.  Here are the details for each package: 

Gold Poet Package:

  • Four-Week Author Incubator Writing Program
  • Three pages of poems
  • International press release
  • Early bird price: $1,111 (regular price: $2,597)

Platinum Poet Package:

  • Four-Week Author Incubator Writing Program
  • Six pages of poems
  • International press release
  • Solo poet interview for an online magazine
  • Early bird price: $2,222 (regular price: $3,597)

Ultimate Poet Package:

  • Four-Week Author Incubator Writing Program
  • Nine pages of poems
  • International press release
  • Video Interview on Your Poetry
  • Solo poet interview for an online magazine
  • Early bird price: $3,333 (regular price: $5,597)

Each package offers a four-week author incubator program, where poets can refine their craft and work closely with professionals in the publishing industry to bring their poetry to the next level. All packages also come with an international press release, which can help spread the word about the poet’s work and reach a global audience. Don’t miss this chance to share your deeply personal and emotionally resonant poetry.  Take advantage of this exciting opportunity to join the Author Incubator, become a published poet, and leave your Legacy in this beautiful book. Apply HERE: https://bit.ly/30iYYZ6 and email: [email protected] to notify us that you have applied.

We look forward to working with you on this very sacred project!



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