Have you experienced a timeline where you can be transported to portals of doorways where you can revisit your past, present, or future lives? Like movies rewinding time and space continuum reality? Seen and met your guides and received an important and relevant message for you? Or meet your star families, and even be stunned to see yourself at the edge of the world viewing the cosmos in its majestic composure–looking at it, feeling it, and knowing you have arrived--feel peace, safe, cosmic support, love, healing or even found God and bliss? Then again, perhaps you'll be taken back to the dark ages where you left the soul fragments of your traumatic past and desire to claim it now back to gain self-empowerment. It sounds like a fantasy fiction story, but in this book, the seekers are real people with real experiences who had seen their complex pieces of past, present, or future lives when they entered the doorways to the Infinite Cosmic Records. Would you like to experience yours?

Your guide is Maya The Shaman. Born in Maharlika (the Philippines) from a lineage of Shamans and Healers of the ancient land of Mu or Lemuria, once said to be the lost continent of the Pacific. Living most of her life in America, Maya sees the ailing need of the West to be provided with a unique healing modality from the East. These innovative sacred healing methods are based on the icon Maya termed "HBR," meaning 'Heart' centered healing that 'Bridges' the ancient past to the current healing needs through the art of 'Remembering.' Infinite Cosmic Records is a heart-centered healing modality based on the science of intuition. It's Shamanism to your doorways of divine remembering who you are, bridging the gaps between your past, present, and future lives. Created by Maya the Shaman:


Infinite Cosmic Records is a branch of the Lemurian Code Healing modality created by Maya. With proper intention, you, too, will be presented with what you're looking for. Enjoy the authentic stories shared in Infinite Cosmic Records clients were contributed by:  Neil Gaur, Danielle Scheck, Lori Santo, Susan Reed, Michael Barrios, Chris Wasko, Iain Mclain, Lori Roddey, Yarimar Valle Andújar, Gina Harris, Sebastian Rise, Kory Muniz, Alexander Sucala, Alana Starr, Raziel Arcega, Blossom Rountree, Karel Bugia, & Radhaa Nilia. 

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